Route Sudan - Wadi Halfa - Dongola - Karima - Bayuda - At Barra - Khartoum

The information below is based on notes taken by Youri and Isa during their trip in 2015. We (Joce and Luca, ) have add and updated their findings in november 2017.

Wadi Halfa (900km)  - Intersection Khartoum (303km)

Wadi Halfa: From ferry to town is +-4 km. Register within three days at police in any town.  In Wadi Halfa the “immigration office” is located at the main street, and has a green gate.  Registration took about 2 hours,  bring passport, photos, copy of passport and visa and 525 sdg.

There is a good tarmac road from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum. It has kilometer markers starting at 900km in Wadi Halfa.

875 container for shade.

850 local water

838 cafeteria, closed. For shade.

825 gold mine entrance. Police tents,  shade and local water.

808 Al Beer. Cafetaria, cofee/tea, soft drinks, reasonable local water, bottled water, fuhl (typical beans dish), electra by generator. Better than the cafe at 804.

804 cafetaria, coffee/tea, soft drinks local water, bottled water. JL: we camped here our first night in the desert. Owner is friendly.

779 Ashaka. Gold mine village. Shops, bakery, cafe, restaurants

753 Fahka. 4 cafetarias, 2 are closed. Village, coffee/tea, soft drinks, local water, bottled water. JL: this place seemed almost empty when we passed it. We saw someone in the distance in the village, other than that nothing. Roadside cafe's were closed. Local water at 752 was okay though.

747 local water

745 local water

743 cafetaria, local water, several more available until 736

732 local water

722 exit for Abri, tarmac road. JL: we stayed at the Magzoub Nubian Guesthouse for 250sdg. Nice atmosphere, clean, friendly owner.Get room with the Nile view.  20°48′23.95″N 30°20′49.05″E.

709 local water

706 local water

701 local water,  cafeteria

695 local water, a total of 5 locations until 692

692 Cafetaria and small shop,  gas station

690 local water

683 shade

680 cafetaria and local water just south of that

679 shop

677 local water

671 local water

668 local water

664 local water

663 shade

663 local water

656 local water

655 gas station, local water

654 local water

644 local water

639 local water

616 gas station, local water and small shop

614 local water

625 gold mine town, bottled water, local water,  cafetaria, restaurant, vegetable and fruits, bread

617 tarmac exit to Delgo. Small shops, no fruit and vegetables. Bread and cold drinks. More remote desert until Dongola, take food and water.

598 cafetaria, cold drinks, small shop,  fried fish, bread

585 cafetaria, fuhl, no cold drinks

560 local water, cafeteria, tea, fuhl, bread

557 off road exit to Kerma. YI recommend Western daffufa (see also OSM). JL: we didn't go to Kerma but the road was tarmac. Maybe it was at a different km marker as well, not sure. Can't miss it though.

547 cafeteria, cold drinks, fuhl

531 exit for Kerma on asphalt. Lots of local water points, populated area.

530 small shop

528 local water

527 gas station so local water and small shop

526 local water

525 local water

524 tea, coffee, cold drinks, shop with and yogurt

522 two local water spots

521 two local water spots

520 garage,  they might have local water

519 local water

518 two small shops. JL: the green one (south, next blue mosque) has refrigerators so cold drinks.  It is however closed on Friday afternoons. The one was open but didn't have cold drinks.

516 gas station, shop, restaurant.  Cold drinks, open on Fridays

512 local water

510 local water

503 cafetaria

501 junction in the road! Right to Dongola and Khartoum (501 km), straight to Karima through the desert (172 km). Both Youri and Isa and Luca and Joyce took the Khartoum road, so there is no info on the Karima desert road yet.

484 cafeteria, cold drinks

478 local water

476 local water

468 local water

451 local water, small shop?

444 local water

441 local water

440 local water

439 local water

438 local water. Village 2km off the road: fuhl, water, tea. Between here and 397 there are several local water points.

419 cafeteria?

409 cafeteria, cold drinks, fuhl,vegetables and fruit market in village centre

397 shops and cafeteria

384 cafeteria. Between here and 336 there are less water stops than before, so make sure to bring enough

374 police checkpoint

336 cafeteria, shops, fruit and vegetables market in village

331 local water

326 shop, cold drinks

314 small shops, tea, coffee

303 intersection to Khartoum. Cafeterias, shops, fruit

Intersection Khartoum - intersection Bayuda desert

This road was taken by Youri and Isa in 2015

7,5 small shop

8,4 small shop

10,4 small shop with candy and bread

19,4 small shop with yogurt

35 small shop

36 small shop

39,4 small shop with cafeteria, fuhl, local water, bottled water, cold drinks and bread

41,1 small shops and cafeteria

41,5 two small tea places

61 small shop

73,7 small shop

75 junction with Atbarra. Cafeteria, shops, local water, bottled water, fuhl, police checkpoint

Bayuda desert/Atbarra - Khartoum

Road taken by Youri and Isa in 2015. Counting down from 262 km.

262 intersection with cafeteria, water, fuhl, police checkpoint and basic shop

235 tea + goraza, local water okay

221,5 shade

210 shade

207 shade

199 tea, shade, water

182 shade

172 shade

169 tea, biscuits, good local water

163 shade, soft drinks, biscuits, coffee, tea

159,5 shade

146 tea, shade, soft drinks, dirty local water, dirty place

140,5 shade

124 tea, shade, biscuits, good local water

100 shade, soft drinks, bottled water

89 shade, police checkpoint, police houses, good local water

46 reasonable local water, basic shop, tea

26 shade, basic shop, tea, bread, soft drinks, reasonable local water

20 shade, water

18 shade, tea, soft drinks

4,5 cafeteria (more than fuhl!), cold drinks, gas station

Intersection Khartoum 303km (Al Dabbah) - Khartoum

Road taken by Luca and Joyce in 2017

297 police checkpoint

287 date farm

257 empty house, away from the road

254 empty (?) house close to the road

252 houses, away from the road

245 local water

243 local water

242 house

239 village, cold drinks, cafeteria. (we heard someone became sick after drinking water from the last water point south of the village)

222 house

219 house

208 house

195 house

191 village, cafeterias, cold drinks, fuhl, eggs

187 cafeteria

185 cafeteria

177 cafeteria

161 small village, little cafeteria

156 small shop

150 local water

146 local water

144 local water

142 local water

141 local  water

139 local water

138 local water

125-126 three cafeterias

105 cafeteria

104 cafeteria

101 local water at green taps by the water tower

76 local water, small shop

62 police checkpoint, lot of cafeterias

43 cafeteria

35 date shop

34 cafeteria

30 police  checkpoint

25 shop, cafeteria

16 cafeteria



Route Sudan from At Barra to Shendi

We did now wrote it down. The road is quit busy with trucks between port sudan and Khartoum. Therefore there are also several cafeteria’s. At around every 10km – 20 km there is a cafeteria. Some are more big and some are more small. Most of them have all.

Route Sudan from Shendi to Khartoum

In the zouk of Shendi you can find everything. If you not entering shendi you can buy several things at the crossroad to Khartoum. From this intersection to the zouk of shendi is 5 km.

We started the route after shendi, cross the bridge and follow the road to Al Matammah. In At Matammah we went off road to the main road.

11,6        Green building left, round water tower left, electra cabels crossing the road. I estimate it is 6 - 8 after Al Matammah, We suggest to load water at Al Matammah, there are no cafetaria's from Shendi to Khartoum

15           Village along the road

17           Village along the road

21           Village along the road

24           Village along the road

25           Water pots

27           Water pots + thee place

28,5        Site road to big moskee

30,7        Water pots en village

33,5        Village 1km from the road

40,3        Water pots en shadow house

41           Electra cabels crossing road, big billboard and side road for 2 - 3 km to industrial place. Water?

52           Village, brown local water

54           Start off - road, good off road. Follow this until you reach asfalt.

58           Village

60           Village

68,5        Piece of asfalt of 1,5 km :-)

77           Water tower with pomp with brown water + village. The brown water is nile water. We cooked it for 10 minuts. After that it was oke.

80           Houses we slept

96,6        Closed fuel station

97,6        Checkpost police station (directly on the right). Thee :-). Still brown water

98,53     Asfalt again :-) end of the off road

98,7        Road check post police

105,9     Village + small shop

107,8     Water pots with brown water

111,7     Village + shop with yoghurt and some soft drinks.

112         Shop + bottled water

113         Theeplace with freezer? Cafetaria?

117,4     Tankstation with water pots and lighter brown water

122         Basic shop

126,4     Shop

128,8     Water pots + very light brown water

132,6     Small shop

135         Small shop

145         Small shop

149         More then 30 shops, fruit, vegetables, bread, fuel.

149,6     Tankstation with moskee

135,7     All but no fruit of vegetables, local water oke, mosk with large green roof

159         More than 10 shops

164,8     Blue entrance port to police area

170,6     Here the road goes from "4" ways lane to 2 ways lane, the light poles are starting/ending. Around here all are shops.

In Khartoum, we slept at the German Guesthouse. Bikers friendly, nice staff, very good internet, swimming pool and clean rooms. We can recommended it.

Sim card
We use a sim card from Zain. Cost of sim is  5 SDG, internet access cost 1 sdg a day. Connection is only good for email.

At the time of writing oktober 2015 the wind is north to south. Temperature is ranging from 40 until 48 with a peak to 54.

Did you enjoy this information for your trip? We’re more than happy to hear your experience ! Just let us know if you need more information, we’re happy to help you  :-). If you have any updates according this information just let us now.