Clean bezine for your MSR fuel stove

We had several problems with the MSR stove for a long time. We always though bezine is clean but it is not, especially in Africa. Based on the feedback by MSR below we now use old baby wipes.How? We cut off a plastic bottle and put 10 of these baby wipes into the small top of the bottle. Then put the top of the bottle on top of your bezine bottle and put the benzine throught the baby wipes into the bottle.

The fuel filter is always an issue with low quality fuel: clean the fuel before filling it in the fuel bottle. What did I do in the years I lived in Africa? First the fuel went through a sock, yes, a normal sock (0became the “fuel-sock”), then I used a coffee/tea filter paper style (added it to a funnel), this did almost always the trick. And…this may seem odd: take of the fuel filter on the small “hose” that is clogging up: better to clean the “dirt-o-zene” before filling it into the fuelbottle, then use pump without the filter. If the pump stops working have a Coke (..and a smile…) and share it with your pump…The fuel filter is useless: with clean stove fuel you do not need it, and with “dirt-o-zene” it clogs up so fast that you´ll stay without the lifesaving steaming hot coffee sooner than you want….unless you have numerous countless filters for continuous replacement…get rid of it. What is the use of it if it clogs up and then stove doesn´t work.