Cycling in a different way

Wauw cycling alone is a complete different feeling in all ways. If I would give words to it you need 20 more minutes to read. So let me keep it short. It’s intense – great – freedom – alone – interesting – meditative – wonderful – exciting – emotional – powerful and in some situations it comes with a lot of heart beats!

Saying goodbye was hard and emotional. And the first days on the bicycle tiring after 4 months of none cycling. Well guarantee for some good nights of sleep and pain in my ass. I spend the first night in my tent at the campground from the police station. Ha ha they woke me up every 2 hours to check if I was still in the tent. What would have happened if I wasn’t ? And then busy Kampala came a long. I know a lot of cyclist don’t like it. But I loved the crowd, the zigzag and the chaos. I had a lot of rain but manage it somehow. I enjoyed the wonderful beach at the Ssese Island a lot. Isn’t it beautiful?

Love Isa xx