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Settle down

Did you ever start a ‘new life’ in terms of housing, work and trying to create a social life?

Once we arrived in Bali I can tell you that cycling around the world is so much easier than the process off settling down seems to be. While cycling there is always one thing for sure; you know that you don’t know  :-). Not knowing where you will eat, drink or sleep is so relaxing for the mind. You don’t know and that’s all there is.

While settling down in Bali there is a complete other process going on. Not knowing where you want to live. Who might be your future friend and trying to find out what kind of work can give you money and fulfilment at the same time. It’s a great journey. And I can tell you that its mind blowing what the mind can think! You can question yourself at every corner if this is the place you want to live and with every person you meet if he or she can be your friend for life. My brains are working nonstop. If I start listening to it, it would make me crazy. So I better practise from what I learned while cycling;

If you can live in the moment, without any judgement and expectation, life is like paradise!

I have to laugh. Starting a new life isn’t maybe that difficult after all! As the above sentence I wrote is a journey for life and I’m only half way  :-)  :-)  :-). But there is one thing I do know in the unknown; the nature of Bali is lush, green and beautiful. The people are lovely, the temples are stunning and the food is so delicious that I started to eat rice in the local warungs 3 times a day.

Love Isa 
Also from Youri but his process is different so I wrote just about mine  :-)