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Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills

When I applied for my visa for Rwanda they accept me with the following sentence; You are most welcome to the country of a thousand hills and a million smiles!

They didn’t lie! Feeling the pain in my legs, the thousand hills are absolutely there :-) . But I climb them with pleasure and joy as the views are breathtaking and worth the effort. And indeed, Rwanda welcomes me with millions of smiles and as most people are walking or cycling along the same road as I do, I get millions of them. First there is the smile, true. But they forgot to tell that it will be followed by asking anything which is possible; give me your bicycle, water, pen, money, shirt. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I’m tired and it will take my smile away.

But what keeps me continue smiling is the amazing beauty of the country with the hills, great forest, stunning lakes, the Congo trail, monkeys, rice fields, tea fields and eucalyptus plants. It’s really impressive. Oh and did I mentioned the food? After Uganda it’s a great change which I enjoy every day. Only 3 more days and some hills to go to the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. Looking forward for some good coffee  :-).

Love from Butare and a thousand smiles,