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Isa made it !

I made it :-) ! Touch down Arusha xx
I feel so happy, great, strong, tired, emotional and excited that I reached my goal. Wauw and so grateful that I arrived safe, healthy and full of joy and happiness. Especially as I really had to pinch myself the last stretch many times as I couldn’t believe that I was really doing this. It was the hardest part of my trip ever.

Off road to Lake Natron
On a sunny morning, fully loaded with food and water, I left my comfortable room in Mto wa Mbu. The idea of free camping in the desolated area and seeing the flamingo’s made me going. Can you imagine that both never happened? I was pushing my bicycle through the deep sand. Bumping over and over again over small and sometimes big rocks. The scenery was amazing and I enjoyed the desolated area.

My own hell
A strong wind started to blow a lot of sand all around and I can promise you that it never stopped for the coming 4 days. I gave up the idea of camping as my tent would probably blow away and the food I wanted to prepare would have been mixed with lots of sand. Luckily I found myself in a sort of room good enough to protect me from the wind. But next morning it was hell. There was nobody around for a long long time. It was only me and the mind-blowing sound of the wind. Oh and not to forget my thoughts which made me feel miserable as they were not so nice. Lunch was only possible by standing next to my bicycle. No café, no pick-nick, just survival. The beauty of the mountains was hidden by a big cloud of sand. I was focusing on the road and that was it. I really don’t know how I managed to reach the camp at Lake Natron. The people were so surprised that I arrived as the planes were not able to land. I surprised myself as well. The idea that I would be safe as soon as I reach the camp kept me going. Not knowing that the camp was as open as the area I came from. By seeing this I felt I could cry. There was not a single place to be without wind! But miracles happen in life all the time. They felt so sorry for me being exhausted that they offered me a hut for the same price as you normally camp there. Thanks Torrekens Ingrid and Lepara from Maasai Giraffe eco lodge you saved my life.

Survival by meditation
The wind was there all the time. Inside the hut, outside the hut. Inside my mind, outside my mind.
I had to change something, as I was suffering from my own thoughts! It was probably not a coincidence that I was reading a book about Qi energy and meditation. Inspired by the technique I promised myself to finish the trip and enjoy it by using this technique. Breathing in and focusing at the Qi point 3 cm beneath your navel. Breathing out and let go through your heart. I’m impressed by what it did to me. It changed everything. The wind was still there. Also the rocks and the sand but there was nothing inside me that didn’t accept this. It made me smile and enjoy every moment.

You’re a hero
Hey you. You’re a hero, a man screamed from outside the luxury safari car. And as he was a really good looking guy I would remind him that hero’s can be kissed, without any problem, in my county. My fantasy was already there. Hmmm wouldn’t it be great to get a kiss after 3 months of nothing :-). I’m sure Youri would agree with this. But looking at the face of his wife next to him, I was just on time to swallow my own words. Maybe they had a fight as her face looked worse than the storm I had before. It was the end of the wonderful idea of getting the bliss of a tender kiss on my lips. Zucht.

Asphalt rules
By the time the bumpy and sandy road changed into asphalt I was crying of happiness. I made it! Looking at my dirty clothes and shoes I decided to jump into the shower fully dressed. That was fun. Such a relief to get rid of all the dirt and sand after expedition Lake Natron!

Dikkertje dap te vlug af
Ha ha and for the Dutchies ! Ik was dat kleine kut kind met die rode laarsjes toch mooi te snel af. Die liet het blijkbaar afweten met haar suikerklontjes in het zand dus ik heb ze gezien!! En wel 6 langnekken, pronkend in de natuur met hun mooie wimpers. En Lucky me, ik zag ze voordat de wind er was :-). Zo gaaf. Net zo bijzonder als dat ik de gnus, zebra’s en apen zag. Indrukwekkend hoor vanaf de fiets. En de flamingo’s? Je raad het nooit! 3 KM voor het meer en kans op die rosé beestjes kon ik het niet meer opbrengen om mijn fiets nog verder te duwen door het mulle ruige zand. Ik heb mijn fiets omgedraaid en ben lekker in bed gaan liggen. Er zijn grenzen aan het avontuur.

Only 5 more hours
And than ….I will be off line for a long time as Youri will land at 17.30 hours today. Hihaaaaaaaaa and what we will do can’t be published I guess ha ha :-). So bye bye from the solo-happy-survival-cyclist xx

Love Isa