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21.Aug.2016 | Nee, niet weg klikken! Even lezen en dan lachen

I’m sorry for the English-speaking followers but sometimes it's much more fun to write in your own language. My English is not sophisticated enough and I want to have some fun with the Dutchies. So ‘lekkere kaaskopjes’ are you ready for some fun? En bij het zien van de aankomende vele woorden die het beeld gaan vullen, wel gewoon ff doorlezen hé. 

Zie de wind waait door de bomen

Nu zijn de verwachtingen natuurlijk hoog gespannen maar zo leuk is het begin niet. Toch even volhouden want het komt vanzelf. Sinds mijn binnenkomst in Tanzania ging de weg pal oost. Het...

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11.Aug.2016 | The first 24 hours in Tanzania

Border crossing

It’s fascinating, even after so many border crossings, how everything changes as soon as you cross the line. Nature, food, people and language. Everything is different. But most interesting is the feeling you get when you're crossing the border. It's underneath you're skin. It’s there, just like that. It's personal and sometimes you don't understand why people love one country while others hate it. And that's the beauty of that special feeling (call it you're inner voice, your connection, intuition). If the feeling is less nice the head tries to fool you a bit....

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08.Aug.2016 | NIGOR Tent

I’m so grateful for the sponsoring from NIGOR tents! They gave me the Guam 2 tent which is really great. So I enjoy the lovely nights in my tent :-). And more than happy that it only weights 1,7 kilo so I’m not so heavy loaded as the other cyclists here in Uganda. Thanks NIGOR for supporting me!

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29.Jul.2016 | Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills

When I applied for my visa for Rwanda they accept me with the following sentence; You are most welcome to the country of a thousand hills and a million smiles!

They didn’t lie! Feeling the pain in my legs, the thousand hills are absolutely there :-) . But I climb them with pleasure and joy as the views are breathtaking and worth the effort. And indeed, Rwanda welcomes me with millions of smiles and as most people are walking or cycling along the same road as I do, I get millions of them. First there is the smile, true. But they forgot to tell that it will be followed by asking...

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13.Jul.2016 | A story to tell

I’m such a happy person, as Youri decided to visit me in Queen Elisabeth Park. He rented a boda boda (small motor), took some lessons and had to drive for 2 days to see me. Real love :-). We met 1 km before the cross road into the park, such a great timing. Both full of dust and tired. But hugging, chatting and laughing we forgot all of that in the light of the campfire.

Psst Youri can you hear that sound? Come let’s go and have a look. It was 06.10 hr but it felt in the middle of the night when we opened the zipper of the tent. It was still a bit dark. We followed the sound and...

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