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25.Jan.2017 | The island of the Gods

Bali is the beautiful islands of the 1000 Gods. Can you imagine what a work it is to keep all the Gods ‘Senang’ (happy) :-) ? And the Balinese people do keep them happy by offering small and big gifts every day. It’s lovely to see and even though it cost them a fortune and a lot of time, they just do it to keep them all senang. Or better to say, to keep the evil spirits and black magic away.

Well and that’s the point where our story begin. It started with the big change between Africa and Asia. Cycling and non-cycling. Maybe we had some voodoo from Africa with us as black magic...

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01.Dec.2016 | Settle down

Did you ever start a ‘new life’ in terms of housing, work and trying to create a social life?

Once we arrived in Bali I can tell you that cycling around the world is so much easier than the process off settling down seems to be. While cycling there is always one thing for sure; you know that you don’t know  :-). Not knowing where you will eat, drink or sleep is so relaxing for the mind. You don’t know and that’s all there is.

While settling down in Bali there is a complete other process going on. Not knowing where you want to live. Who might be your future friend and...

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09.Nov.2016 | Saying goodbye to Africa

Saying goodbye to our cycling life at the most wonderful beaches we’ve ever seen! It’s time to give our white legs some sun. So far they were always protected from the sun and fully covered to respect the Muslim culture. Ha ha and holiday is not easy  :-). We were a bit jealous to see all the people lying for endless hours in the sun, just doing nothing. The best we could do was 1 hour on the stretcher reading a book. Proud! And still we loved it. Waking up and start the day with a dive in the sea, walking for hours along the beach, eating great seafood and close the evening with...

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25.Sep.2016 | Re-united

Re-united :-) after 90 days solo for both of us !

It was such a great and exciting moment to meet at Kilimanjaro airport. Both a bit nerves and so happy! We couldn’t stop talking, kissing, chatting, laughing and enjoy each and every moment together. But the biggest celebration was the present we gave ourselves with climbing Mount Meru. It was a long, cold and tiring walk all the way up to 4566 meter, but we made it :-). The sunrise from the top of Mount Meru with the view over the Kilimanjaro was amazing.

We’re now heading to Tanga, Pemba and Zanzibar by...

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19.Sep.2016 | Isa made it !

I made it :-) ! Touch down Arusha xx

I feel so happy, great, strong, tired, emotional and excited that I reached my goal. Wauw and so grateful that I arrived safe, healthy and full of joy and happiness. Especially as I really had to pinch myself the last stretch many times as I couldn’t believe that I was really doing this. It was the hardest part of my trip ever.

Off road to Lake Natron

On a sunny morning, fully loaded with food and water, I left my comfortable room in Mto wa Mbu. The idea of free camping in the desolated area and seeing the flamingo’s made me going...

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